Staff Augmentation

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This service allows our customers to add specific MX expertise to their in-house teams on both a short or long-term basis in order to acquire the necessary skills to support their day-to-day activity and to ensure the successful completion of their upcoming projects.


  • Customer control over staff selection and management
  • Rapid access to missing capabilities and skills
  • Meeting aggressive project timelines
  • No impact on operating model
  • Integration with internal processes
  • Avoidance of hiring costs
  • Elimination of costs and liabilities of direct employees
  • Easily contracted


Sequel has the capacity to provide its customers with MX expertise in staff augmentation mode to handle

Day-to-Day production support

MX greenfield implementations

MX post go-live change requests

New products roll-out

MX binary upgrades

MG2000 to MX3.1 Migrations

MX Modules

The MX modules covered as part of this service are the following
  • Front Office
  • Back Office Operations
  • Accounting, hedge accounting and liquidation
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Collateral Management
  • Interface and Market Data Integration
  • Reporting
  • Environment Management and end-of-day support

How it Works

Tell us your needs

Our customers approach us with the MX expertise they require. You define the candidate’s role, their required seniority and the expected contract duration.

Interview and select candidate(s)

We propose a list of relevant candidates who are interested in filling the role(s). The customer reviews the   profiles, conducts interviews and selects the most suitable candidate(s).


We handle the on-boarding process end-to-end and we sort out all the administrative hassles. We make sure that the consultants join on time and we place our infrastructure at their disposal to help them succeed with their mission.

Ongoing support

We assign an account manager who works alongside the consultants and helps in building a productive relationship with the customer’s team. We also provide second level support to our consultants through their colleagues workingon different projects, and we grant them access to our internal knowledge base. We keep accurate time recordswhich we share with our customers on a monthly basis.